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  • “Can I just give the bank a deed in lieu?”

    Plenty of collateral? Suppose John Doe and Peter Doe want to start a mini-warehouse facility. They start a limited liability company called Doe & Doe, LLC, and go to Main Street Bank to borrow the $1,000,000 they need to buy … Read the rest

    Protect Yourself–The LLC Operating Agreement

    All too often, the formalities associated with starting a business the right way are viewed as an aggravation, an obstacle in the way of generating revenue. Everybody vows to pitch in and share management duties. Everybody agrees generally just to … Read the rest

    Using Technology for You

    We don’t approach the practice of law like most lawyers or law firms. Unlike a lot of other lawyers, we’ve recognized how to leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage over our adversaries and to provide better services to our … Read the rest

    Personal guarantees of business debt – think before you sign!

    As a condition of making a loan to a borrower with few assets and no credit history, a bank will often ask other more solvent individuals to sign a document called a “personal guarantee” or to “co-sign” on the debt. … Read the rest

    LLC Operating Agreements – Important and Often Overlooked

    All business ventures start with grand ambitions. The partners always begin on the same page, chomping at the bit to drive towards profit and success. The formalities associated with starting the business are an aggravation that only seem to get … Read the rest

    Settlement Agreements: Keeping the Deal

    The moment when an agreement is reached to resolve a disputed matter often brings great relief to the litigants and their attorneys. However, that same sense of relief can cause the unwary lawyer to let his guard down when it … Read the rest

    Why uninsured / undersinsured motorist coverage is important to you!

    This article addresses common questions and issues regarding the necessity and operation of uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) motorist insurance coverage. This article does not constitute legal advice or an offer of representation from Orr & Brown LLP or any of its attorneys.… Read the rest

    Important Change to Ga. Service Rule

    As a result of the passage of Senate Bill 491, available here, a plaintiff who perfects service on a defendant must now file the return of service within 5 days of service.  If the plaintiff does not promptly file … Read the rest

    Acknowledgment of Service vs. Waiver of Service

    Lawyers, particularly those who intend to keep their licenses to practice law, are serious about deadlines.  They keep a calendar on their phone and on their desktop, and their assistants generally maintain a duplicate calendar, all with the hope and

    Read the rest

    Venue–Joint Tortfeasors in Georgia

    In M&M Mortgage Co. v. Grantville Mill (A09A2291 01/14/10), the Georgia Court Appeals reminds all Georgia civil litigators how costly suing a litigant in the wrong venue can be.  M&M, which resided for venue purposes in either Fulton County of … Read the rest