Truck Accident Attorney

All individuals who operate a motor vehicle fear experiencing an accident but what they fear most is being involved in an accident with a truck. Trucking accidents can include anything from your everyday pick-up truck, tractor trailer, eighteen wheeler or a semi. The U. S. Department of Transportation states that there are approximately half a million truck accidents that occur in the United States each year and among those, there were 5,000 fatalities. Unfortunately, 98% of those deaths are victims in the passenger vehicle. It is understood that one in every eight traffic fatalities was a result from a trucking accident. The demand for trucking and transport companies has grown over the years and this growth presents more potential harm for the SUVs, cars and vans who share the road.

Sadly, trucking accidents are increasingly common on the roads and highway today. In comparison to other automobile accidents, truck accidents result in a significantly larger number of serious injuries, catastrophic damages and wrongful deaths. Those who experience a trucking accident and suffer severe injuries, permanent disabilities or financial strain, may have family who also endure the consequences especially if there is a death involved. It is important to contact a truck accident attorney to recover your entitled financial compensation and protect your loved ones from damages lost.
The truck accident lawyers at Orr Brown Johnson will investigate your claim to identify the party at-fault and any underlying details to maximize the recovered loss. A qualified attorney can converse with possible witnesses of the accident, medical specialist or other truck companies to retain more information on the actual collision or how the incident could have been avoided. Your attorney may also act as the main source of communication for your insurance company to relieve the common stress generated from the accident.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident or have suffered serious injuries caused by the wreck, the experienced team of accident attorneys is here to assist you. Contact us today, if you would like to discuss your case or if you would like more information on how your claim can be addressed effectively