Using Technology for You

We don’t approach the practice of law like most lawyers or law firms. Unlike a lot of other lawyers, we’ve recognized how to leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage over our adversaries and to provide better services to our clients.

Our legal research resources are top-notch. We invest heavily in new technologies like Westlaw Next, which service allows us to find cases and other legal authorities quicker, easier, and ultimately, cheaper than many of the services that our competitors use. We also subscribe to a “people locator,” which, in most cases, allows us to quickly, easily, and cheaply locate potential defendants and material witnesses without having to hire a private investigator.

Technology also keeps us connected to our clients. Since 2010, the firm has used cloud-based computing to get documents to clients as effortlessly as possible. All of our clients’ documents are scanned, and through our laptops and server, a client’s entire file is always at our fingertips. We freely provide our cell phone numbers to our clients with instructions to call whenever an issue comes up that they think we need to know about immediately.

Technology also keeps us connected to one another. We are a small firm with four law offices strategically placed throughout North Georgia. To stay connected, we use a hosted email exchange, intra-office instant messaging, Internet phones, and videoconferencing capabilities. We go to these great lengths because we learned, early on, that collaboration is the key to success in any case. We’re problem-solving lawyers, and a lot of the problems that we’re asked to solve are “bet the company” type that demand the attention and creative thinking of more than one lawyer. Technology allows us to work on these problems, even when we are physically in different offices.

Our unique approach does two things. First, it gives our clients the best chance of success. We have the technology to find the law that governs their case or legal problem, and we know how to find use it. And we have the technology to quickly convey those findings and jointly decide how best to use it. Second, our approach allows us to efficiently deliver our services. Our clients are generally not asked to hire private investigators or pay for hours of “law library” research time. We’ve invested in electronic services to replace those inefficient, traditional practices. Our investment lowers our clients’ bottom line and, by extension, their stress level.

And that’s ultimately what it is all about—making an incredibly stressful situation as stressless as possible for our clients. We’re proud to offer that service to our clients.

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